Stellar M700 Power Amplifier

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Stellar M700 Power Amplifier

The Stellar M700 mono amplifiers are a massively powerful engine capable of effortlessly driving demanding loudspeaker loads to concert levels.

Enjoy an unheard of level of control and command from your loudspeakers with the Stellar M700, one of the most extraordinary under $5,000 power amplifier pair ever crafted. An affordable, high-value, full-sized mono power amplifier, the M700 is a real powerhouse that betters just about any other monoblock pair in the world.

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The hybrid approach used in the Stellar M700 Power Amplifier takes advantage of the best traits technology has to offer. Its all important input stage relies upon the Analog Cell to provide a zero-loss interface between the preamplifier and DAC, as well as imprint the amp's sonic character. The perfected analog voltage is then converted into the high current output needed to effortlessly drive your loudspeakers.


The M700 is Stellar's best. Rated at 350 watts into 8Ω and 700 watts into 4Ω, a pair of these placed on any loudspeaker brings forth the lush, rich, and soul-satisfying power of two completely independent power blocks with headroom to spare. The listening experience with the M700 starts feet tapping and smiles breaking out. One listen to a hugely loud and complex musical passage effortlessly rendered by the M700 pair and you'll know you made the right choice.


The Analog Cell
Output Stage
The Stellar M700 captures the rich, full-bodied essence of recorded music and presents it to your loudspeakers with authority and grace, never a hint of glare or unnaturalness. The M700 is faithful to the music like few amplifiers are. Listeners are constantly surprised at the width and depth of the M700's soundstage; its preservation of the smallest details in reverb, room acoustics, and musical overtones; its commanding presence without intrusion; its delicate handling of subtle shadings; its authority as it grabs hold of the loudspeaker and breezes through even the most complex musical passages.
Stellar's design imperatives -- affordable pricing and uncompromised sonics -- were major challenges solved by the invention of a unique new circuit christened the Analog Cell. Nothing in the design of a power amplifier is more important than its input stage when preserving music's finest nuances. Knowing full well that the input stage determines sonic character, the Analog Cell has been employed to preserve the rich details found in music. The Analog Cell is the heart of the S300's musicality, where rich overlaid layers of music's inner details are preserved even in the most complex orchestral crescendos. As a proprietary, fully differential, zero feedback, discrete, Class A MOSFET circuit, hand-tuned to capture the smallest micro dynamics without sacrificing the loudest macro dynamics music has to offer, the Analog Cell makes all the difference.
The Stellar M700 has a massive power supply and ultra-linear, high-wattage power amplification stage based on a modern Class D ICE module, designed in Denmark. Class D output stages provide near-perfect linearity, low distortion, and high efficiency. Because Class D amplifiers require an output filter to remove their switching noise, they do not have frequency extremes into the many hundreds of thousands of Hertz. Depending on their design, modern Class D amplifiers, like the type used in Stellar, extend high frequencies to about 50kHz. Human hearing limitations are 20kHz, though most listeners rarely have hearing exceeding half that. Providing excellent frequency extremes, low distortion, high efficiency, high damping factor, and a generous and powerful output of 700 watts into the most common loudspeaker loads of 4Ω, the M700 is nothing short of breathtaking. The massively powerful nature of the M700 works well with any loudspeaker, providing huge amounts of headroom and effortless sound quality for even the most demanding orchestral crescendos.


Output Power
Unit Weight 13 lbs (5.9 kg)
Unit Dimensions 17”x3”x12” (chassis only; 13” deep with connectors)
Shipping Weight 16.5 lbs (7.5 kg)
Shipping Dimensions 22”x8”x17
Color Options Silver, Black
Voltage Options (Factory Set Only) Japan 100V, North America 120V, Europe/Asia/Australia/New Zealand 230V
Main Power Inputs IEC C14
Accessories Included US (NEMA 5-1 5P, all versions), Schuko (CEE7/7, 230V versions), UK (BS 1363, 230V version)
Audio Inputs RCA (unbalanced), XLR (balanced)
Speaker Outputs S300 Copper base nickel-plated binding posts (2 pair per channel)
Speaker Outputs M700 Copper base nickel-plated binding posts (2 pair)
Other DC trigger input, 3.5mm 5-15VDC
Warranty 3 years parts and labor



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