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Everything you ever wanted to know about audio, music and its reproduction is here. PS Audio co-founder and CEO Paul McGowan shares his more than 40 years of high-end audio experience, stories, interviews, and hilarious tales in this one-of-a-kind podcast. Ohm's Law is produced by PS Audio and presented ad-free for the community. Subscribe through your phone's podcast app and get the latest each day. And please, leave us a rating so others will join in.

Will more watts give me more bass?

If your speakers don't have the bass response you hoped for will increasing the wattage of your power amplifier or receiver help?

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Can you combine multiple XLR cables?

XLR balanced interconnects are the best sounding connections between stereo equipment when high performance audio is concerned. But what if you do not have the proper length of cable? Can you connect two or more?

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What is discrete circuitry?

We hear about integrated circuits as well as discrete circuitry. What are the differences between the two and are there advantages?

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How does the sound stage exceed speaker width?

We understand how a phantom center channel is created in a stereo speaker setup, but how do speakers manage to have sound stages that exceed the width of the two speakers?

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How to use a receiver's AB speaker switch

Receivers have a switch on their front panel that permits the choice of two speaker sets in different rooms. But, what if someone wants both speaker sets on at the same time?

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How to get more moving coil gain

The gain of his new turntable setup doesn't match the gain setting of CDs on his preamplifier. How does he fix this problem and should he?

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Why do tube amps use square transformers?

Vacuum tube amplifiers traditionally sport twin square transformers on their frames while solid state amps seem to have only single round toroids for their operation. Why is that?

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Is it better to have one big sub or two smaller ones?

A 12" subwoofer goes lower and plays louder than a smaller, 10" version but what about two 10" vs. one 12" subwoofer?

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