The value of shows

August 25, 2019
 by Paul McGowan

The upcoming Rocky Mountain Audio Fest opens on September 6th, just weeks away. We'll be there showing off Stellar Phono and the production version of the new AN3 loudspeaker.

Consumer audio shows offer the curious, the prospective buyer, the aficionado, and the newbie a chance to see all the new gear, hobnob with designers and manufacturers, touch, listen and get a sense of what each company is offering.

Audio shows are fun. We focus on the two main shows, Axpona and RMAF, but that's not to suggest there aren't plenty of other smaller, regional shows to go to as well. I wish we had the bandwidth to do them all.

It takes a lot of money, time, and energy for PS to participate at a show, though that wasn't always the case. When we were much smaller we could get by with one of those small bedroom displays. We'd borrow a pair of speakers and bring our entire audio system on a single bellman's trolley. Today, it's multiple pallets and a setup crew.

The value of shows for attendees seems obvious. Room after room of sound systems, new gear, interesting people. For us, the benefits are interacting and meeting with our extended Hi-Fi Family—a reunion.

I do hope you'll have a chance to come visit us in Denver on the 6th.

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