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PS Audio founder and CEO, Paul McGowan, writes a daily blog: short, informative, fun, often controversial, but always interesting. Subjects range from personal stories, how to setup your system, news of the day, streaming, vinyl, tubes, transistors, loudspeakers, holographic imaging and more. Kind of like the Car Talk of audio. Not much is sacred, and there’s rarely a mention of our own products. Easy to subscribe and even easier to unsubscribe if you wish. Join us.

The value of shows

The upcoming Rocky Mountain Audio Fest opens on September 6th, just weeks away. We'll be there showing off Stellar Phono and the production version of the new AN3 loudspeaker. Consumer audio shows offer the curious, the prospective buyer, the aficionado, and the newbie a chance to see all the new gear, hobnob with designers and […]

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The balancing act

There's been an ongoing debate between balanced and unbalanced cables in HiFi as long as I have been involved. And, that's a long time. I remember spirited debates with Audio Research founder Bill Johnson about it. AR equipment was a long hold out in adding balanced to their products but over time they gave in, […]

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In harm's way

We have a pretty versatile warehouse at PS Audio. Where normally we'd be moving inventory in and out on a daily basis, the main warehouse has other uses too. In yesterday's post, I showed how our engineers take over to make polar measurements of the new AN3 loudspeaker. Today I'll show you quite another use. […]

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Warehouse sounds

Long ago, in the prehistoric days of HiFi, there was the first HiFi mail order catalog I knew of called Warehouse Sounds. They sold all kinds of stereo gear across the nation and even had "head cleaning kits" which consisted of a roach clip and pack of rolling papers. (Hey, it was the 70s). But […]

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Old words

I drive an electric car yet I still step on the gas. I play music through modern transducers that cling to their original monicker from the 1800s: a loud speaker. It's natural we use words having lost their original meaning, but sometimes it might be helpful to consider adding a few new ones to keep […]

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The curse of new

No sooner do I get a new ache or pain than my mind gravitates to the worst possible scenario. "No doubt it's cancer." When a new product has a hiccup or fails to meet expectations we often jump to a worst-case conclusion that it's defective or broken. We rarely allow for learning curves. New gear […]

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Weird to wonderful

Bringing new ideas, concepts, and radical change to an established way of doing things requires great effort—moving from weird to wonderful. Imagine just a few of the major shifts within our lifetimes: tubes to solid-state, vinyl to CD, records to streaming. Each and every shift began life as the weird and only over time moved […]

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Do opinions matter?

Opinions. We've all got them and most of us are eager to share. Do opinions matter? I suppose the answer is where in the pecking order they come from. The opinion of a company's president matters more than that of the shipping clerk. Or does it? Why do we value one opinion or idea over […]

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